DHS Athletic Agreement 2018-19


2018 - 2019 Student Athletic Expectation Agreement

 Dear Parents, Athletes & Coaches; The Dover School District believes individual students will benefit from participation in interscholastic sports activities. The experience of self-discipline required in individual or team sports and the opportunity to learn additional skills increase the value of the school experience and contributes to the emotional, social, and physical growth of all.

The information that follows is meant to inform you of the policies and rules, which govern interscholastic athletics at Dover High School and the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (N.H.I.A.A.). This information is intended to explain these policies and practices. If you have any questions concerning the Athletic Policies of the Dover School District or the N.H.I.A.A. please make your request for clarification to the Director of Athletics, Dover High School. You may also call Peter Wotton at 516-6950 or e-mail @ p.wotton@dover.k12.nh.us.

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Peter Wotton, Athletic Director