Band Camp Letter w/schedule

DHS Music Department Band Camp Information - 2017

 Dear DHS Band Parents and Guardians:

I hope you have been enjoying the great weather this summer.  It’s hard to believe that band camp is right around the corner.  Our first practice is Tuesday, Aug. 8, 6 – 9 PM in the band room.  Please review carefully the following information and schedules regarding the 2017 marching band pre-season rehearsals and camp trip.  Your prompt attention to these items is greatly appreciated.  All of this information can also be found on the high school web site under music department. 

I realize some students may also be involved in sports practices during our practices at DHS.  Please let me know in advance if you have a sports conflict and will have to come late or leave early from band.

 Medical/permission form

The accompanying forms should be completed clearly for each participating student, signed and returned to me by Tuesday, Aug 22nd.  Many students already returned the forms before the end of the school year.  You don’t need to turn them in again.

 Band Camp cost is $100 per student*

Fee includes transportation, camp facilities and meals, and 2017 program t-shirt. 

Clearly note the student’s name on checks made out to the Dover Parents Music Club (DPMC)

(*Please contact me about available financial assistance if the cost is prohibitive. It’s very important that each student attend camp.)      

  • Check this box if you’ll be paying online –

    Additional Apparel purchases

    See the separate form for potential additional apparel purchases.  If applicable, additional apparel purchases can be combined with the band camp fee in one check made payable to DPMC.  Band camp fee and additional apparel orders for marching band season are due by Tuesday, August 22nd.



    sleeping bag           shorts/t-shirts                   raincoat/poncho            sheet music                      pillow                                  2 pair sneakers                  brimmed hat                           several pencils                  water                             sweatshirt                 bottle                     towels                                 lots of extra socks          sunglasses  sunscreen               clothespins/clips              flashlight                    shower shoes

    toilet kit/powder             bathing suit                        bug repellant                     folding music stand                   sunscreen                  drill book (supplied)   pajamas          

    Medications must be maintained and distributed by the attending nurse.

    Woodwinds should bring instrument-sized plastic bags in case of inclement weather.  Bring instrument supplies:  valve oil, cleaning cloth, extra reeds, cork grease, etc.

    Students’ names should be put on anything that will be out on the field so it doesn’t get mixed up.

    Compression shorts are recommended to avoid painful thigh chaffing during long practice days.

    Temperatures can get down into the 40’s at night.  Cabins can get cold, so plan accordingly.

    Note that students are to bring a bag lunch for Saturday.

    DO NOT BRING:  flimsy shoes/flip flops for rehearsing, or electrical items like hair dryers and computers as the cabins are not equipped to handle them.  Also note that cell phone reception may be minimal at the camp. 

    There will be a brief meeting about band camp for parents on Tuesday, Aug. 15th, at 6 PM, in the DHS auditorium.  This is to answer any questions you may have about camp.  It will last less than ½ an hour. 

    You will be amazed at how good the group looks and sounds after band camp!  Camp Huckins phone # is 539-4710 and the address is 17 Camp Huckins Rd., Freedom, NH  03836


Jim Butka       Phone:  (603) 540-7638

Planned schedule of events:  (Also found on the music department web page on the DHS web site)


                Date                      Time                      Event                                                    Location                              


        Tuesday, 8/8              6-9pm                   Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


        Tuesday, 8/15            6-9pm                   Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


        Tuesday, 8/22            1-4pm, 6-9pm    Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


        Wednesday, 8/23    1-4pm, 6-9pm    Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


        Thursday, 8/24          1-4pm, 6-9pm    Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


        Friday, 8/25                1-4pm, 6-9pm    Marching band rehearsal              DHS band room


Schedule for Camp Huckins:  (details subject to change)

        Saturday, 8/26           8:30am                 DPMC send-off breakfast            DHS parking lot

                                                10:00am               Leave for Camp Huckins                DHS parking lot

                                                11:30am               Arrive Camp Huckins                      Freedom, NH

                                                11:45-12:30         Lunch (*bring bag lunch*)            Camp Huckins

                                                12:30-5:00pm     On-field rehearsals                         Field

                                                5:30-6:15pm       Dinner/Cook-out                             Beach

                                                6:15-7:00pm       Sectionals                                            TBD

                                                7:00-8:00pm       Full rehearsal                                     Rec Hall

                                                8:00-9:30pm       Talent Show/Skits                            Rec Hall

                                                10:00pm               Lights Out                                            Cabins


        Sunday, 8/27              6:00am                 Reveille                                                Tennis Courts

                                                6:30am                 Flag ceremony/Basics                    Tennis Courts

                                                8:00am                 Breakfast                                             Dining Hall

                                                9:00am                 Drills                                                      Field

                                                12:30pm               Lunch                                                    Dining Hall

                                                1:00-2:30pm       Rec time                                              Waterfront

                                                2:30-5:30pm       Drills                                                      Field

                                                5:30pm                 Dinner                                                  Dining Hall

                                                6:15-7:00pm       Sectionals                                            TBD

                                                7:00-8:00pm       Full rehearsal                                     Rec Hall

                                                8:00-10:00pm     Campfire                                             Fire pit

                                                10:30pm               Lights Out                                            Cabins


        Monday, 8/28            Same schedule as Sunday through Dinner time.

                                                6:00pm+              Pack, clean cabins                            Cabins

                                                7:00pm                 Board busses                                     Camp Huckins

                                                8:30pm                 Arrive Dover                                      DHS Parking Lot