Extracurricular Activities & Clubs 2016-2017



Class of 2017

When?                                     Every other week on Wednesdays, starting 9/21/16

Where?                                   Room 316

Can anyone join?                    Any senior in the graduating class of 2017

Contact Person:                     Ms. Parsont

Other Information:                 We organize senior class activities—with the exception of Project Graduation


Class of 2018

 When?                                    Every Friday

Where?                                   Room 336

Can anyone join?                    Anyone in the class of 2018

Contact Person:                     Mr. Schlapak

Other Information:                 This is the Leadership Team for the class of 2018


Class of 2019

When?                                     Every Monday

Where?                                   Room 209

Can anyone join?                    Any member of the class of 2019

Contact Person:                     Mr. Haugh

Other Information:                 This organization comprises the leadership team for the class of 2019.  We organize activities and fundraising events for our class.


Class of 2020                        TBD


Latin Club

When?                                     Every Friday, 2:30-3:15

Where?                                   Room 22

Can anyone join?                    All Latin students are welcome!. Please attend at least 1X/month

Contact Person:                     Ms. Connelly

Other Information:                 Latin Club is designed to promote camaraderie and friendship—all for the love of Latin and Roman culture.  “Certamen” is Latin jeopardy and it is a branch of the Latin Club.  We have Latin Club meetings and sometimes practice for Certamen competitions.


Spanish Club

When?                                     Friday from 2:30-3:30

Where?                                   Room 14

Can anyone join?                    Yes, anyone can join at any time!

Contact Person:                     Ms. Gsottschneider

Other Information:                 In addition to providing academic support for current DHS students who are learning to speak Spanish, we provide outreach to native Spanish speakers at DHS and celebrate the cultural/traditional richness found in 21 Spanish speaking countries throughout the world.  In addition, we prepare for the National Spanish Exam.


French Club

Where?                                   Every Friday, 2:30-3:30

Where?                                   Room 12

Can anyone join?                    Everyone is welcome

Contact Person:                     Ms. Barnard

Other Information:                 The purpose of French Club is to learn about and celebrate French-speaking cultures around the world.  French rules!

Math Team

Where?                                   Room 333

Can anyone join?                    Should have completed a minimum of Algebra I

Contact Person:                     Mr. Argiropolis

Other Information:                 This club is for math fanatics who like to compete and solve challenging problems


Granite State Challenge

When?                                     TBD based on team’s schedule

Where?                                   Room 319

Can anyone join?                    A six-member team is usually selected by middle of October. Team members should have experience with Trivia games and quick recall. Also, most events take place off-campus and will require transport by a parent or guardian.

Contact Person:                     Mr. Salmonsen

Other Information:                 NHPTV hosts a televised high school quiz show tournament each winter.  DHS’s team begins by selecting a six-student squad and competing in an initial written test to qualify for the tournament. If they pass, they will meet at NHPTV studios in Durham on Saturdays and Sundays, playing taped games until they either win or get knocked out by losing a match.


Kind Club

When?                                     Tuesdays from 2:40-3:15

Where?                                   Room 219

Can anyone join?                    Any girls who would like to join

Contact Person:                     Mrs. Brooke Repucci

Other Information:                 This is a club to help girls support one another, promote kindness, and help to end girl on girl bullying.


When?                                     2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

Where?                                   Auditorium

Can anyone join?                    Anyone, Anytime!

Contact Person(s):                Ms. Hall and Ms. Stegman

Other Information:                 Interact is a volunteer community service club sponsored by the Dover Rotary Club with a 20-hour service requirement

Key Club

When?                                     Each Wednesday after school

Where?                                   Room 313

Can anyone join?                    Yes! Anytime!

Contact Person:                     Mr. McCann

Other Information:                 Key Club is a community service organization. We help others and also have fun

Earth Action

When?                                     Every Friday

Where?                                   Room 302

Can anyone join?                    Anyone at anytime!

Contact Person:                     Mr. Seekamp

Other Information:                 This is an action-oriented organization with the goal of making our school and community “green” (i.e. environmentally friendly)


Traditional Gaming Club

When?                                     Tuesday after school until 4:00

Where?                                   Room 142

Can anyone join?                    Anyone!

Contact Person:                     Mr. Mack

Other Information:                 Traditional games include role playing games, trading card games, and board games. They are a fun and imaginative way to make friends.


World Arts Club

When?                                     Every Tuesday

Where?                                   Room 137C

Can anyone join?                    Everyone is welcome

Contact Person:                     Ms. Kontos

Other Information:                 You don’t have to be an artist to join.  Anyone who appreciates art and enjoys art and its related activities is welcome.

Film Club

When?                                     Wednesdays from 2:40-3:30

Where?                                   Room 137C

Can anyone join?                    Yes-anyone who has an interest in creating films.

Contact Person:                     Ms. Kontos

Other Information:                 This club is for anyone interested in the many aspects of creating films: script-writing, videography, acting, editing, directing, etc.


Acoustic Café Club

When?                                     Select Mondays, 2:45-3:30

Where?                                   Room 216

Can anyone join?                    Yes!

Contact Person:                     Mr. Creteau

Other Information:                 This club offers a place for acoustic singer/songwriters to collaborate and meet.


SPRINT (Students Promoting Information about Nutrition and Training)

When?                                     Tuesdays; bi-weekly starting 9/20

Where?                                   Room 312

Can anyone join?                    Yes!

Contact Person(s):                                Ms. Lee and Mr. LeClair

Other Information:                 We promote activities and information about exercise and diet choices.  If you’re considering a medical or sports field, this is a great activity for your resume!


When?                                     Regular meetings each Monday from 5:00-7:00pm

Where?                                   McConnell Center in downtown Dover, ground floor, Door #7

Can anyone join?                    Yes, space permitting. Grades 9-12. $120 participation fee and completed application required.

Contact Person:                     Dana Mitchell, 516-3274 or d.mitchell@dover.nh.gov

Other Information:                 All activities promote a drug-free lifestyle. Students actively plan and conduct activities to reduce the harm of addiction and drug use. Students create radio ads that play on local stations; create presentations to perform in schools all over New England; perform skits; propose changes in state or local laws; and hold community events to get their message out. They also plan recreational events for members of Y-to-Y, just to have fun.


Photography  Club

When?                                     TBD

Where?                                   Room 137B

Can anyone join?                    Open to all students.  A minimum fee of $15 to use the darkroom/developing supplies will be required and students must have their own 35mm SLR manually adjustable film cameras and/or digital cameras.

Contact Person:                     Mr. Strickland

Other Information:                 Students will get together to observe, discuss and create photographic images.  Focus will be on 35mm SLR manually adjustable film cameras and digital cameras.


Asian Culture Club

When?                                     Friday, every other week

Where?                                   Room 305

Can anyone join?                    Anyone can join at any time!

Contact Person:                     Dr. Comeau

Other Information:                 This club celebrates the many aspects of culture in Asia.  Language, food, customs, music…all of these will be touched upon during meetings, parties, and festivals.  It’s a group designed to have fun and experience new things!  At the end of the year, one member gets an all-expense paid trip to Boston!


Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

When?                                     Meets 2nd Monday of month at 2:30

Where?                                   Room 137B

Can anyone join?                    Yes, anytime!  All are welcome!

Contact Person:                     Mr. Strickland

Other Information:                 The GSA is a support and advocacy group committed to educating and helping the community with diversity and cultural issues, including sexual orientation and discrimination. Members participate in community service, attending local LGBT events and conferences, developing educational workshops/forums for Diversity Week, and sponsoring lectures and guest speakers.  All students, staff and faculty are welcome to participate and join this organization.



Homeless Animal Fundraising Club (HAFC)

When?                                     Every other Monday

Where?                                   DHS Library

Can anyone join?                    Yes, there is a dues of $5, and students must attend 75% of the meetings and volunteer a total of 8 hours

Contact Person:                     Ms. Johnson

Other Information:                 We raise money and awareness for homeless animals and local shelters. We also volunteer for events at these shelters.


Dover High School Drama Club

When?                                     Wednesdays – once or twice/month.

Where?                                   Either the DHS Auditorium, or Rm 321 if Audi is being used.

Can anyone join?                    Yes, all students are welcome!  No criteria, except that we urge students to participate in various theater productions, and we welcome everyone.

Contact Person:                     Ms. Mersereau

Other Information:                 We use the club as a way to introduce people to the DHS Theater Program.  We encourage members to be involved in theater productions. We play theater games during our meetings.


Percussion Ensemble

When?                                     Tuesday nights, 6:00-8:00 starting in November

Where?                                   Band Room

Can anyone join?                    Ability to read music is essential. Starts November and runs to June.

Contact Person:                     Mr. Butka


Color Guard

When?                                     Two seasons: fall and winter. Fall Guard is part of the marching band, and meets Tuesday and Thursday nights; Also on Saturday mornings and afternoons when there is a show.

Where?                                   Fall—DHS

Can anyone join?                    Yes! Fall guard starts in June. Look for posted info and announcements in May/June

Contact Person(s):                Mr. Butka is the contact; Morgan Kudlich is head guard coach.

Other Information:                 This group performs at competitions with Marching Band, the Big E, Apple Harvest Festival, parades, and football games.  Requires dedication and a strong work ethic..


Winter Guard

When?                                     November through end of March Winter Guard has its own competitive season and meets Tuesday and Friday nights, and Saturday mornings

Where?                                   Woodman Park School

Can anyone join?                    Yes! Winter Guard starts in November

Contact Person(s):                Mr. Butka is the contact; Morgan Kudlich is the head guard coach.

Other Information:                 This group requires dedication and a strong work ethic.  It is a tight-kint team and attendance is vital to their success.




Variety Show

When?                                     Monday nights, 6-9 during March and April (listen to announcements in Feb. about rehearsals, or inquire in Music Office)

Where?                                   Auditorium

Can anyone join?                    Anyone can be in the 4 big chorus numbers, but the other acts are auditioned.

Contact Person:                     Mr. Butka

Other Information:                 Variety Show is a student-organized, auditioned talent show put on the first weekend in May.


Jazz Band

When?                                     Every Thursday, from 6:00-8:00p.m..

Where?                                   Room 300

Can anyone join?                    Auditions are required

Contact Person:                     Mr. Butka


DHS A Cappella Group

When?                                     Every Wednesday after school

Where?                                   Room 300-the Music Room

Can anyone join?                    Must try out through vocal audition process.  Helpful to know how to read music and sing harmonies.       

Contact Person:                     Mr. Butka—and also Esteban Caraballo (senior student)



When?                                     Every Wednesday, from 6:00-7:30

Where?                                   Room 300

Can anyone join?                    Soundwaves is a vocal group that requires an audition to join

Contact Person:                     Mr. Butka


Equestrian Team

When?                                     Meetings TBA, but initial mandatory meeting in November in Room 128

                                                Unmounted meetings as necessary

                                                Mounted team practices 2X per month starting in January through March 2107

                                                4 Competitions between April 1- May 30, 2017

Where?                                   Room 128 for unmounted meetings;

Mounted practices TBD,

Competitions—The Tack Shack in Fremont, NH

Can anyone join?                    Riding members should have access to their own horse for competitions and practices. Non-riding members may have any type of horse experience (beginner through advanced welcome)

Contact Person(s)                 Mrs. Hough, Room 127 or Ms. Rice

Other Information:                 Equestrian Team is a horseback riding team thtat competes in the spring. Meetings begin in November. Riding members are required to own, lease or borrow a horse for participation. Cost is $215 for riding membership; $45 ground membership. There is a mandatory $100 uniform fee for new members.


FFA—Future Farmers of America

When?                                     Thursdays, once a month

Where?                                   Room 127

Can anyone join?                    Mus be enrolled in an agriculture class

Contact Person:                     Mrs. Hough

Other Information:                 FFA is for students interested in agriculture.  Check out the national website at:

                                                NationalFFA.org for more information



Escoffier Club

When?                                     Usually Monday or Wednesday, every other week

Where?                                   Room 230-Culinary Arts

Can anyone join?                    All students in Culinary Arts classes—including the Intro to Culinary—may join

Contact Person:                     Chef Pirkola

Other Information:                 Culinary Arts Club is for all culinary students interested in extracurricular culinary events and competitions.


Project SEARCH

When?                                     Wednesdays, usually twice a month

Where?                                   Room 213—then to UNH in Durham

Can anyone join?                    Mostly open to seniors with an application process in spring of junior year.

Other Information:                 Students go to UNH to attend seminars on various contemporary topics.  After hearing the presentation, students attend small discussion groups to de-brief and share opinions


National Honor Society (NHS)

When?                                     Third Thursday of each month

Where?                                   Auditorium

Can anyone join?                    No, you must first qualify for this program (3.5 GPA), apply in the spring, and then be nominated into the NHS. (details listed in 2015-16 Program of Studies)

Contact Person:     Ms. Bonello


New Hampshire Technical Honor Society

When?                                     No regularly scheduled meetings, but they begin late winter/early spring

Where?                                   CTC Conference Room/Gourmet’s Table

Can anyone join?                    Must be referred by CTC teacher initially and then there is an application process with very specific criteria.

Contact Person:                     Ms. Cancellieri and Ms. Smith

Other Information:                 Students must have an 87% or higher GPA in a CTC Major; Overall GPA of 3.0 or better; as well as attendance, character, and leadership in CTC program.