Dr. Joan Breault, Dean of Students

Welcome to Bellamy Academy!
As of July 1, 2018, the Dover Alternative Program changed to its new name Bellamy Academy. This shift began several months ago during our English classes. Students created a list of potential names and the staff narrowed it down to two. These two names were presented to the leadership team and the name Bellamy Academy was moved forward to the school board for approval. A presentation at the school board meeting was conducted by the Dean of students along with the Administrative Assistant, a current student and a parent of a current student. The board unanimously approved the name change.
Bellamy Academy is named after the Bellamy river which runs through Dover, NH. It has been known as a popular spot for young adults as well as a power source for the community based on its history. We also believe the same for Bellamy Academy. 
Bellamy Academy at Dover High School provides non-traditional learning opportunities and therapeutic support for students with various needs who struggle to be successful within the larger high school environment.